Phytolutions GmbH

Managing Team

Managing Team

Dr. Claudia Thomsen is the scientific manager and founder of Phytolutions GmbH. She studied and gained a doctorate in 1993 in biological oceanography, with an emphasis on phytoplankton and geochemistry and collaborated with various oceanography institutes in Kiel, Great Britain, Norway and the USA.

Dr. Stefan Rill and Wolf Kropp Büttner are shareholders and invested significant capital, know-how and contacts. Rill is engineer for air and space technology. Between 1996 and 2008, he built one of the largest German engineering service companies of the aircraft industry. Kropp Büttner is economist. Between 1988 and 2013 he was CEO and shareholder of a well known German chocolate manufacturer.

Dr. Laurenz Thomsen is Phytolutions’ scientific advisor and was significantly involved in its establishment. He is professor and director of OceanLab at Jacobs University Bremen.