Based on own experiences of operating both our own algae production facilities and those of our customers Phytolutions offers an operating and monitoring service for your algae production facilities. Once your plant is in operation, you can book our this service. In this case we monitor the production system via Internet and support your production. A monitoring service during the first year of production is recommend.

In doing so, we monitor the cultivation process and operational data of the algae facilities electronically, specify the optimal site conditions and can semi-automatically regulate the facility.

The monitoring software provides and stores data from the sensors in form of tables and graphs. (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly).
The parameters for the harvest are showed on a separate display at the harvester, which is monitored online.

The monitoring system is computerized, with internet connectable touch-screen version for remote control (industry standard). An alarm can be send automatically to a number of predefined telephone- and email-addresses. The control unit is tailored to request and demand for all system sizes.