Phytolutions offers customized solutions for the use of marine phytoplankton. Algae are particularly suitable as innovative products for the food, feed, and energy sector. The advantage of marine microalgae systems lies in its potential for high productivity, giving them a small environmental foot- print compared with other biological systems, the ability to use otherwise unsuitable water and land resources, the integration with waste treatment and the enhanced production per area not readily obtained from other biomass sources. This means that algae technology does not put additional demand on freshwater supplies needed for domestic, industrial and agricultural use. Using marine algae means that coastal arid areas where saline groundwater supplies prevent any other useful application of water or land resources can be targeted.

The company operates its own photo bioreactors for micro algae production, and has access to biological and chemical laboratories for the analysis and utilization of algae. Close networking with national and international research institutions allows fast progress in cutting-edge research and development.


“The European Union has recently adopted an ambitious strategy for developing the Bioeconomy in Europe, in this context algae represents an emerging biological resource of great importance for its potential applications in different fields. In particular, micro-algae are currently promoted as a new source of valuable nutrients for human and animal consumption. The global market for micro-algae-based food and feed supplements/nutraceuticals therefore has a great potential for growth.

Our objective is the intelligent use of marine phytoplankton for the environmentally friendly production of, food, feed, platform chemicals and fuels”,

Key Objectives

Phytolutions engages in the following tasks:

  • the development, setup, improvement and operation of efficient photo bioreactors
  • the development and use of process monitoring and control systems for the operation of algae farms
  • the selection, production and optimized cultivation of micro algae which are particularly suitable for industrial utilization
  • the development and application of suitable cultivation procedures for the targeted production of bioactive substances
  • chemical and biotechnological analysis,
  • the optimization and development of efficient harvesting technologies,
  • new downstream methods
  • the development and operation of more efficient, economical and simple photo bioreactors for emerging countries.


In addition, Phytolutions operates several photo bioreactors and scientific laboratories. There, various micro algae are produced and monitored under diverse environmental conditions.