The Phytobag

The Phytobag

The PBR can be deployed in greenhouses or outdoors, allowing for a flexibility of use and minimization of the costs for algae production. A temperature control-system can utilize waste heat or cooling water to create the optimal environmental conditions for algae growth in the Phytobags. The Phytobag has been designed to fulfill the needs of both, small and large-scale cost- and energy efficient algae production.

The Phytobags are semiclosed flat-panel photobioreactors 100 – 140 cm high, and 5 – 7 cm wide. This design facilitates the optimization of the volume to surface ratio and the availability of light for the photoautotrophic organisms. The strong multi-chamber Phytobag is produced from multi-layer plastic and can be individually tailored to meet the specific customer requirements.

The Phytobags are provided with a micro bubble airlift system, which generates the turbulence that facilitates the access to nutrients, CO2 and light to the microalgae.

The Phytobags are interconnected, therefore the maintenance and care of the culture conditions are simpler than in individual Photobioreactors, and the automation in the complete Phytoplant is feasible and affordable.




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