Phytolutions offers intelligent solutions for the innovative production and utilisation of algae:

  • for sustainable production of energy and raw materials,
  • in combination with the use of new environmental technologies for the reduction of CO2 emissions
  • for the production of food and feeding stuffs.
  • and for exhaust and wastewater treatment.

As experts in the field of algae production, we develop and market modern technology, facilities and components.

Beyond this, we accompany our clients through the realisation of their projects – from the concept to completion and from the production to the utilisation of the algae biomass. In doing so, Phytolutions has responsibilities regarding the industrial connection to the CO2-issuers as well as the layout and operation of the aquacultures. Together with cooperative partners, concepts and facilities for the cleaning of waste water can be developed.


The Phytolutions laboratory offers comprehensive services for chemical and micro-biological analytics:
•    Nutrient analytics
•    Trace elements
•    HPLC, gas chromatography and mass spectrometry
•    Micro-biological analysis
•    Microscopic analysis